Be Guided: 3 Ways to Connect Back to the Power of Your Own Intuition

Have you ever heard that quiet voice inside? A powerful, subtle inclination to do one thing over another? 
This is your intuition. 

Accessing your inner, unconscious experience is a form of connecting to the higher spirit. When you honor and listen to your own intuition, you’re connecting with Source. 
Your Intuition: 24/7
Deep down, your intuition is always there. It is always on. Whether or not you are listening and heeding your intuition can be another story entirely. 
Learning to trust and listen to your intuition can be a bit like cleaning a house. If you haven’t inhabited a space for quite some time, there may be some cleaning to do. Clean the windows. Clear the cobwebs. Sweep the floor. Open the windows for a fresh breeze and bright sunlight. 
If you’re looking to connect back with the powerful wisdom of your own intuition, here’s what you can do: 
1. Let go of the past.
Carrying around our stories makes us who we are, but these stories also weigh us down. Letting go of memories (including the not-so-great memories) allows you to grow into who you are becoming. Do what you need to do and shed parts of your past that are holding you back. 
2. Listen to your gut.
Developing “listening ears” for what your gut is saying and how your gut speaks to you takes practice. Ignore your gut instinct and choose your own way instead (the, “But I’m actually ‘supposed’ to….”) and see where your choices lead you. Trust your gut. It knows best. 
3. Connect back.
Mediating helps connect you to a place of higher power. Sit quietly and gather insight from this place “in between.” Don’t think you need an entire room dedicated to meditation in your home. You can meditate just about anywhere: waiting in the doctor’s office, in line at the grocery store, or while you’re waiting in traffic. Connect to your breath, rest, and reflect. 
Regular meditation keeps you in tune with your own intuition.