feel Supported, Empowered, with deeper soul clarity

Personal Readings + Coaching Sessions


What to expect from a session With Alex

Readings with Alex are about deepening your relationship with your authentic self, while diving deep to help you discover your true strengths. During the process of working with Alex he can help you create an openness with your spirit to help you see your souls perspective and feel more connected to the universe! After a session you will leave feeling supported, empowered, with deeper soul clarity.

“The vision I have for the future is a space where Woo Woo is demystified, where Intuition is as normal as Instagram, and where light workers are lifting each other and the planet up with love, cooperation, unity, and high vibes.” - Alex

Alex has partnered with OneTreePlanted and with every session you purchase you are helping to plant one tree! All sessions with Alex include an Intuitive Care Package which include:

  1. An mp3 recording of your reading

  2. Alex’s resource guide

  3. Daily Success Habits Worksheet

  4. Personal affirmation to help you continue to work after your session.

  5. Tips to integrate after your readings

Thank you, Alex, for this wonderful reading.! You gave me an answer on a topic nobody could! I am very happy with it! You gave a lot of information and guidance that is very helpful for me in a very professional and caring way
— Olga L
Although I was hesitant to have a reading, I’m so happy I did! Alex, you were a pleasure to talk to and made me feel at ease. My reading was spot on and helped bring me peace and direction. Looking forward to working with you again!
— Karen F.

What Type of Reading Should You get?

Alex offers two types of one on one services. Intuitive Coaching and Intuitive Readings, All services come with Alex’s Satisfaction Promise. If after the first 5 minutes you feel Alex isn’t the reader for you, you may end the call no questions asked and receive a full refund. 


Intuitive Coaching

Alex gets fired up thinking about the superpower that is intuition, and that is why he developed Intuitive Coaching sessions which combine Life Coaching + Intuitive Guidance. As a Fire Starter Facilitator + Desire Map Facilitator Alex offers 3 Month Coaching intensive to help you get your soul on the agenda + reignite your passion as a spiritual entrepreneur, intuitive reader, coach, or wellness practitioner. Want to learn more? Email assist@alexlevyonline to set up your free discovery call.


Intuitive Reading

During readings Alex connects directly to your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, , as well as blends his Spirit Guided Oracle + integrates a spiritual Coaching element into the session. Alex's readings are not predictive, but rather prescriptions. Sessions may include relationships, life purpose, angelic guidance, and spiritual coaching. His goal is to deliver you divine guidance that is compassionate, encouraging, and empowering to your spirit

Who is Intuitive Readings Not for?

If you are looking for lost items, want lottery numbers, or medical advice

Aren’t willing to do inner work

Want only answers and don’t want guidance

If you’re looking for astrological or numerological guidance.

If you just want someone to tell you what to do


Have Questions?


+ What if I'm not sure what to ask during a reading?

It is fine if you are open to whatever guidance comes through, but preparing at least one or two questions will make my work easier and your session deeper. Just by holding your questions in your heart you begin the process of opening up to divine guidance already.

+ How do I make a appointment & who calls who?

You can make an appointment through Alex’s online schedule At the time of the reading you will call Alex using a phone number & access code provided in email.

+ Is there any follow up support?

Yes! 24hrs after your session you will recieve Alex’s Intuitive Care Package which includes a personalized affirmation or angel prayer, Alex’s resource list, your mp3 recording of the reading, and his exclusive Intuitive Journal Prompt which is only available for reading clients to help you integrate after your session. .

+ What if he tells me something bad?

A reading with Alex should leave you feeling empowered and inspired, like a conversation with a dear friend. If there is information coming through from spirit that may be sensitive in nature Alex will ask if you want to know, however no reputable reader will ever tell you that you have been cursed, hexed, are going to die, that you can’t be helped or anything like that. We always have choices and Alex will help you to make empowered choices that are spirit guided for your highest good. .

+ Is Alex available for in person readings?

He has limited availability for in person readings in Atlanta & Florida. Please email for more information.

+ Can my friend/spouse have a reading together with me?

No, it is very important you are alone and in a room where you will not be disturbed. Due to the sensitive nature of Intuitive Readings Alex is scanning and reading your energies so if other people are present it may affect the reading. Often times spirit has very personal messages to be delivered and it is best to be done one on one.

+ Is a phone reading as good as in person?

Yes, he i still able to receive the same information, energy and insight over the phone as in person. Whether in person or over the phone, please make sure you are in a place that feels comfortable and focused. It also helps to have questions ready ahead of time. Spirit and Psychic Energy have no limitation of time and space as everything exists as energy.

+ Do I need to do something before?

While it is not necessary to do anything to prepare, Alex has put together a list of 10 Things To Do To Prepare For Any Reading which you can download for free, however these are only suggestions and aren’t necessary for a session.

+ What’s the difference between medium and intuitive?

And Intuitive or Intuitive reading is about connecting with your energy field which will help to provide Alex insight on your souls purpose, life direction, relationships, angelic advice, spiritual coaching, and inner wisdom. Medium or Mediumship is specifically connecting to departed loved ones who have crossed over in the spirit world to bring through messages, evidence of the afterlife, healing, and memories.

+ What is the refund or cancellation policy?

If after 5 minutes of speaking to Alex you feel he isn’t the reader for you he will end the session, no questions asked and you will be given a full refund. There are no refunds on completed readings. If you cancel after 24 hours or miss your appointment Alex will donate the fee of your service towards the charity of his choosing.

+ What if I still have questions that aren’t listed?

No problem! Just send us an email at and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


Let’s work together!

$100 for 30 Minutes

$150 for 50 Minutes