Intuition Camp

Awakening the Clairs

Why Awaken The Clairs?

A great many people never have the boldness - to jump, pursue, and trust our own higher self so that we can move into a space of joyful authenticity!

What's more, for me, our Clairs & Intuition speaks to what's conceivable, and our ability to trust life!  

No doubt that there are countless of courses on psychic development, but most of these teach techniques without really getting to the core of what the theme of Intuition & The Clairs really are about.  

By moving through each Clair, in a specialized sequences we then can begin to align our energies, and higher self to create a better communication with our selves so we can manifest, listen to our intuition and understand the important pathways of intuition which is the magic of the Clairs!

Excited to state you're getting the best form of Awakening The Clairs I've ever created.  

Keep in mind, you have lifetime access to watch whenever you need. 

At whatever point you do make a plunge, I'd firmly suggest you go all together. 

I guarantee I have your back as a teacher, and I am here to be your cheerleader as you IGNITE + Awaken Your Clairs!  

What you will find in this course…

Awakening The Clairs 6-week Online course overview

Awakening The Clair’s Online Course consists of a number of unique sequences and comprehensive strategies in each weekly module. Working in this specialized system helps you to better align your energies so you can create powerful synchronicities for expanding your intuition. 

My goal behind these lessons is that it will bring you inspiration,  trust, and a stronger connection to your higher self, so you can live a happier, more intuitive, an inspired life.

The unique sequence of this course begins with clearing phase then we move into bringing more balance into our energies while moving up and expanding all our intuitive senses. 

Inside you will find:

Feature 1


…to help you gain a deeper understanding of your intuition and your link to each Clair. You will also be given tool, techniques, and strategies to AWAKEN the Clair’s inside you.

Feature 2


No need to take notes! You will get a detailed workbook for each module as well as weekly vibe work to help accelerate your growth and progress throughout the course. 

Feature 1


These meditations are not your basic guided meditation but specifically channeled to work hand in hand with the weekly video lesson. The combination of the meditation + video can create powerful changes if you work through them as we release, clear, and move into your higher energy centers.


What Past Students Are Saying

What stands out to me the most after doing camp with you is how much I needed to break the old habit of second-guessing myself, and dismissing my intuition. Now, I find it easier to trust an intuitive hit at the moment I receive it, especially gut feelings. Communication and personal interaction is a lot easier, as I no longer depend on what I hear from people, but also on what I feel from them, as well as visual observation. I get more profound and accurate messages that way.
— Petal Mahon
Alex is a very light, loving, giving and genuine person. His intentions are so pure and loving and his reading was not only very accurate but also it empowered me and allowed me to feel confident that I can trust in my own intuition. That is so important to me. I then took his Intuition Camp course which was very informative and i learnt so much more about my intuition and the 4 Clairs. It was so clearly set out and I just love Alex’s passion for the work he does. I highly recommend Alex’s course and his readings I look forward to more of Alex’s work.
— JB

What You can expect

in the 6 week course

30 MinuteReading-3.png

You will learn

Deep dive into the ABC's of Intuition

Prayer, Protection, & Meditation

Archetype of Intuition

Tools & Tips to level up your intuition

Deep cellular Clearing Meditation to help release and rescript limiting beliefs

30 MinuteReading-4.png

You will Learn

DATA (My recipe for tapping into your Claircognizance!)

Importance of Symbols

Archetype of this Clair

Energy & The Heart Bridge Connection

Meditation for brining balance into our light bodies.

30 MinuteReading-5.png

You will Learn

Archetype of this Clair

Empath Connection to Clairsentience

Astral Travel & OBE

How to move back into your heart space

Forgiveness Meditation

30 MinuteReading-6.png

You will Learn

How to work with your personal Sound Guides

Elemental Nature Connection

Music & Clairaudience

Active Listening

Meet your guides meditation

30 MinuteReading-7.png

You will Learn

Understanding the Pineal Gland

How to work with the Violet Flame

Third Eye Chakra Connection

VIVID (my recipe for this Clair!)

Higher Chakra Meditation

30 MinuteReading-10.png

You will Learn

Why these Clairs are "uncommon"

Mediumship & understanding grief

Adrenal Glands

Sense Memory

Chakra connection

Harmonizing The Energy Systems Meditation


Complete Program Includes

Intuition Camp was such a great experience. I was pretty familiar with the idea of the different “clairs,” but Alex taught me lots of new information and ideas. The exercises in each week’s video were fun and helpful, and the weekly meditations were amazing. Alex has such a calm and peaceful presence, which makes the meditations so relaxing. I also loved the Facebook group! It was great to get questions answered and connect with others in the class. I made some new friends too!
— Nicole Caldwell
I am so grateful to have taken this course to help me realize how intuitive I am and to have daily practices to keep me in a higher vibration and consciousness to see, feel and know it. In Gratitude
— Melissa Wise


Whats holding you back?

10 Day Money Back Guarantee


Let The Journey Begin



Q: What if I fall behind or miss a module?


I completely understand sometimes life just gets in the way and things come up. This course was designed to work in a sequential order, and I have put these tools and techniques to work successfully.


Q: How much time will this take me to use?


The course can be completed in 6-weeks, and you can start applying many strategies immediately. The great thing is the course is yours for life so if you need to go back to a lesson or fine tune something, it’s always there for you.  



Q: How does the payment plan work?


 The first payment will be upon enrolling in the program and the next will be 30 days after your purchase date. 



Q: Is there a guarantee? What if I join and then decide it's just not right for me?


That's a great question! If you decide that the program isn't right for you at any time during that 10-day period, simply contact my support desk at and we'll issue a full refund.