Limiting Beliefs

Who is really holding you back?
We have all heard the saying. “You are your own worst enemy.” We hem and we haw, and we play the blame game in all areas of our life, but what is the real reason that we aren’t moving forward? Can we really blame “other person”, circumstance, environment, [insert excuse here]?
You may not be familiar with the term “limiting beliefs,” but if you are at all like any other person in the world, you have probably experienced the effects of limiting beliefs. Do you ever feel like there is something keeping you from following through with an idea or a plan? Do you feel like it is hard to trust your gut, or to let yourself make a change? Have you ever considered that you might be the force preventing yourself from moving forward?
Limiting beliefs are those thoughts that float around in our head and our gut that constrain us. Just by thinking them, we can stop ourselves from physically progressing, mentally challenging, and emotionally growing. Limiting beliefs get us stuck, and can feel paralyzing. Big and small decisions regarding change and growth become impossible to address, and our life continues on the mundane, complacent, status-quo path.
What makes limiting beliefs so complicated is that we believe them to be truths about ourselves (or others). They are not just an opinion or a critique, but something we have told ourselves is firm/immovable. It is challenging to spot and call out a limiting belief. They are often buried deep in our consciousness, and it can take some digging, and hard truth-telling to really stop and realize that life isn’t just happening to us – our limiting beliefs are creating negative patterns that hold us back. 
What is the most important thing to know about limiting beliefs? They don’t just go away on their own; you can’t just change your circumstances and hope that everything will miraculously get better. We need to find the root of our limiting beliefs, and address what, why, and how they manifest in our lives.

Alex Levy