Could Getting Ungrounded Be a Wake Up Call?

A few weeks ago I started my day just like most. After my daily morning routine which includes the checking emails, Insta posting, doing my morning meditation, and having a shake, I was off down the to the elevator to go outside. I pressed for the ground floor and the shiny silver doors closed in front of me closed. (Can you see where this is heading yet?)

As soon as the doors close the terror begins. The lights started to flicker, and the elevator proceeds to drop me just like the famed Tower of Terror ride at Disney. I was drooped between floors then hoisted right back up… then dropped … then back up. This preceded to happen OVER and OVER for what seemed like forever until I was finally dropped down to the bottom floor of the building. I landed with a pounding heart, anxiety through the roof, and very late to my 9 am appointment.

To quote The King of Rock, "well, my hands are shaky and my knees are weak. I can't seem to stand on my own two feet. Who do you think of when you have such luck?." After I eventually grounded and felt like I was back in my body (I'm pretty sure I astral projected just a little bit during this adventure) I kept wondering if there was a spiritual meaning in all this?

Surely the having the ground literally drop out from underneath you has a deeper meaning! Right? I saged myself, meditated, asked my guides, & psychic friends, and just couldn't find a deeper meaning. Then it occurred to me.

This was a lesson in learning to be ok with the answer of " I don't know" Sometimes not knowing is the answer in itself. It's our ego that tells us to know why, because our ego doesn't like change. The universe had my back that day! Spirit is always with us, prayers are answered, but sometimes the answer is simply no. not now, or I don't know. So in the meantime be gentle with yourself, and call upon your elevator angels.