The Spirit Guided Guided Life Podcast. Ep 01

Embracing Fall Energy!

Fall is an interesting time of the year and I wanted to break down what the meaning of fall is. Traditionally if you think about it, fall has always been the time for putting up the harvest for winter. Fall is also right around the Equinox has been celebrated for hundreds of years, which we just had on the 23rd of September. And during that time, animals, start their migration. So, and it's also the time when our planet, our earth is moving from more light to more dark. Summer has fall fallen away. It's a transition. It's a new chapter and new chapters bring new energy.

The challenge with fall, because it's a transitional cycle because we're passing through light two more dark, is we can't push ourselves the same way we did in the summer because our bodies will head towards exhaustion. So for anyone having trouble with any energetic transition, whether it's a new season, whether it's an eclipse or a retrograde or anything, astrologically or planetary, we have to remember it's just a pattern of a shift. That's what it is. So that's why it's important to realize that we have to clear out old thought patterns, old actions, and finish things we started, or come to a pause before we shift into the next.

Fall is about letting go. It's about finding the grace of letting go because there is grace in this cycle of letting go. Both falls. It's a powerful time to call in abundance. This is a great time to do some reprogramming with money mindset with how you feel about receiving and giving falls. An excellent, excellent time to do some manifestations, whether that's a ritual that you do, whether that's just writing something down, practicing more gratitude.

Fall is also a really fun time! You can do so many awesome things. You can do Apple picking. You can just have fun gathering leaves and jumping in them like you did when you maybe were a kid. There are so many great festivals and outdoor activities to go to, The magic of fall is it's the chance to begin again. It's the chance to create your new ending, reset your intentions. You set your goals, decide where you want to go, and move forward fearlessly. Well, there you have at my friends.

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