If we haven't met before, so great to meet you, new friend!

The real reason I do what I do is I love INTUITION, I am devoted to spirit and I am a seeker of the highest truth. I am a light warrior. I get fired up thinking about the superpower that is intuition!
— Alex Levy

As a sixth sensory Alex understands the complexities of just getting through a typical day. Some days are full of trials and tests and others are filled with near magic and ease. But as an Intuitive, Alex's purview expands to include the incredible spectrum of information available to his trained inner eye and ear, a training that he started at the age of 13 when he taught himself to read the cards!

Alex knew that true happiness required more than pretty affirmations, and if he was to help his clients achieve that deeper soul clarity he needed to have access to some of the more difficult parts of their life. As a result Alex connects to his clients with tremendous compassion because he sees empathy as the doorway to their world, and once in he can use his ''connections'' to provide what is forever in their highest good.

Alex has been featured on radio shows and podcasts demonstrating his gift to audiences around the globe. Alex was trained through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD) where he was selected by, Lisa Williams as a Certified Medium & Spiritual Advisor ™.  He’s also certified Angel Intuitive, and studied Energy Medicine with Deborah King. He recently published his first oracle deck, The Spirit Guided Oracle, which has become an international seller. Alex currently resides in Atlanta, GA.